PROBLEM LOADING VST2 (doesn't load)

In projects on where is mostly used VST3, after a while, there is a problem trying to load VST2… only way to make it work is opening new project/ close it, and load again the issued project… then VST2 will load…

9.5.41 … BUGS over BUGS! :imp:


What happens with the VST2 plug-in, if you don’t go thru this process?

Maybe I would recommend to trash Cubase 9.5 preferences = remove/rename the preferences folder. Don’t forget to remove even older Cubase versions folders.

This happens suddenly, sometimes is working ok and sometimes the problem appears… must be a bug, or is there some preferences than allows to make this?

If so and if I activated by mistake, then isn’t working properly, because as I said before, sometimes im able to load VST3 and VST2, and in the same project after a while I cannot longer load VST2, unless I close cubase and open again or opening clean new project, close it and activate again the one with the issues…

but I will try what you said, where is that folder?


Please, could you be specific what is the problem?

The preferences folders are stored in the %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X folders.


1 - I open a project
2 - I can use with normality loading FX as VST2 and VST3
3 - After spend some time working on the project, when I want to load VST2, Im not able to do it. I look for it: example LFOtool, I click on it for load in the chain, and nothing happens. I can repeat this several times and never appears in the chain, there is no signal of “loading” or something…

  • To solve, this… the only why opening the project again.


I’m sorry, I have no idea.

Maybe, could you check FLS slots?

Not sure what do you mean, my description is confusing not clear? or its clear but you mean you never experienced something like?

With FLS, you mean this?


The description is clear, but I have never heard about this and I have no idea what could it be.

Yes, FLS I mean the one you sent.

if this is a bug, what I should do to report it? or how can be inspected? this is a real problem for me as I try to use most vst3 but there are some plugins than are only vst2

In order to verify if the issue you have is FLS limitation, you can just use the FLS Checker you linked and see the amount of slots left ( Works exactly like any other VST plug-in.
You can do this on opening the project and afterwards, to see how things change while you add plug-ins.

If FLS limitation is the issue you have, then it sounds like some VSTs are not releasing the slots they use. Easy to verify:

– Open an empty project after a Windows cold boot
– Use FLS Checker to count the available slots
– Close the project
– Open a project that shows the issue, use FLS Checker to count the slots
– Close the project
Repeat the first two steps: if you get a lower value than before, one or more plug-ins are not releasing their slots

FLS limitation is on the Windows side, and Steinberg already uses dynamic linking wherever possible: the issue should be now reported to 3rd-parties who still use static linking.
You find plenty information on the subject here on the forum, it has been disussed in detail.