Problem locating Realtime Export in Audio Mixdown

Hi everyone, first time poster!

I have Cubase LE AI Elements 11, and I cannot locate Realtime Export Option anywhere!! I’ve referred to the user manuals which refer you to
‘Audio Settings’ which is very general and didn’t lead me anywhere.

Can anyone please help? I know from friends who use 10.5 that Realtime Export is located in Audio Mixdown (as one would expect), but I certainly can’t see it at the moment. I’m also quite new to DAW’s and that possibly isn’t helping either haha!

Thanks so much for your time!


If I remember correctly this is a bug / oversight (at least in Cubase Artist) that should be fixed in the next maintenance update.

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In pro it is in de export audio window

Unfortunately in Elements 11, it definitely isn’t in Export…Probably is a bug !

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It’s a confirmed bug/oversight. I’ll post the link where it was stated once I found it.


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