Problem logging on to Online Shop

I must be missing something obvious: I have a login for the forum but it doesn’t seem to work for the Online Shop where I’m trying to buy an upgrade from my current 3.5 to 4.0. When I try to create a new account, it says that my email address is already attached to an account. Any suggestions? I guess creating a new password might be an option…but I wanted to check first to see if I was missing something obvious.
Thanks in advance!

Charlie, you might actually have two logins and are not aware of it.
One for the forum.
One for, when you bought Dorico.
Try the route with lost password, my suggestion…

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As @k_b indicates, the online shop login is separate from your My Steinberg login that you use with the forums, Steinberg Activation Manager and Steinberg Download Assistant.

If you cannot remember your online shop password, use the password reset option.

Thanks to both of you. Setting up a new password for the OnLine Shop solved that problem and I was able to purchase Dorico 4 and get an Activation Code. I had a bit of trouble with the Download Assistant, but after reinstalling several components, all seemed to go smoothly (including a set of download tasks that on my slow internet took all night) UNTIL…
…I got to what looks like the final screen in the Download Assistant where it asks me if I want to upgrade my license from 3.5 to 4.0. When I click OK, I get a message saying I have no licenses to upgrade. I can then go down several rabbit holes but all of them basically take me back to the same place where I get a message saying that the Activation Manager doesn’t have permission to run. I suspect that has something to do with Chrome Permissions, but honestly, that’s not something I know anything about because I’ve never had to deal with it.
Is there any kind of Support line I can call to have someone give me a bit of hand-holding here. I actually thought I was pretty savvy with basic IT stuff, but I can see that I’m not and as hard as it is to ask, I need a bit of help to get out of this black hole.

Hi Charlie, it looks like the issue might be that you have unnecessarily purchased a Dorico 4 update when you would in fact be eligible for a free update because you first activated your Dorico 3.5 license in October 2021.

Can you send me by email your purchase receipt from our online shop, and I will start the process of obtaining a refund for you?

In the meantime, you should find that you can obtain a free grace period update by running Steinberg Activation Manager, clicking the little picture of the person’s head in the top right corner, then click Grace Period Check in the menu.

Are you running on Windows or Mac? Can you check that you have the latest version (at the time of writing 1.3.1) of Steinberg Activation Manager installed?

Hi Daniel,
Once again, you and the entire team at Steinberg prove that you are an incredible organization! Not only have you all developed the absolute best music notation software around – no one else is even close – but you also provide excellent learning resources and great technical support. And honestly, how many other companies would tell someone they bought something they didn’t need to buy…:-). I started teaching Finale 1.0 at the Dick Grove School of Music in LA in the late 80’s and have watched notation software slowly progress…until Dorico when you all took a quantum leap forward. Let me add my Congratulations to the thousands that I’m sure you and your team have already received.

Now, other details…
– I’ve attached a screenshot of my Dorico 4 purchase from the OnLine Shop.
– I’m on a 2019 Mac laptop (so not an M1) waiting to move to an M2 Mini when they’re released. Hopefully it will be easy to move by Dorico install to a new machine (or can one person have it running on two machines?)
– During my attempts to get Dorico 4 up and running, I downloaded and reinstalled all four components required as detailed on the Help site (screenshot attached), so I think I have the latest version. Most importantly, I went through all of the steps you described and Dorico 4 is now installed and running on my machine! Thank you so much for your help! I really am sorry to have taken a slice of your very valuable time to do a course-correction for me. I sincerely appreciate it!

A final question: Do I need to register the Dorico 4 install on my machine now or at some point in the future? How long is the ‘grace period’ and what do I do when it ends (and, more importantly, how will I know when it ends)?

Thanks again!!

Take care,

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Why do I feel you are putting your account in danger of hijacking by posting your recipt publicly. That is why @dspreadbury asked you to send it to him by e-mail (or Private Message). I suggest you remove the sensitive information from your post at once and send it privately by one form or another.

And I’m sure Daniel and the rest appreciate your commendations. Many of us here echo them.

Don’t worry, I’ve removed the personally identifiable information in the pictures attached to the post.

Charlie, I’ll start the ball rolling in getting a refund arranged for you. You don’t need to worry about the grace period expiring: the important point is that you now have a permanent Dorico 4 license, and you can install and use it on up to three computers with no future restrictions.

When you want to install on a new computer, simply run Steinberg Download Assistant on that computer, sign in with your Steinberg ID, then find Dorico Pro 4 under My product downloads, select it, and on the right-hand side click Install All. When all the progress bars have turned green, you can then just run Dorico 4 on your new computer, it will prompt you to sign in once more with your Steinberg ID, and you’ll be up and running.

Thanks Daniel. For the future, how should I have responded to your message with a ‘private message’ that would have hidden my account information? Hopefully no one on the forum took advantage of my lack of knowledge.

Click on Daniel’s name, then Message to send a message only to him.



Very slightly related, I want to find some Steinberg invoices, they presumably are in the Store login not the general Steinberg login. What is the URL to get to the store?

You can access your Steinberg online shop account here:

You’ll be prompted to sign in; note that your Steinberg online shop account does not use the same credentials as your Steinberg ID that you use e.g. for this forum, or in Steinberg Activation Manager.

Thank you Daniel.
1 is there a logout there? I cannot find it.
2 My Mac, Safari, saving passwords seems to (if I remember correctly) only remember one of these passwords, collapsing them in to one password. This is how it was a while ago I think and was adding to the confusion of how to sign in correctly. Is this still the case?

Thank you

I don’t know where the log-out option for the online shop is, sorry.

Your password manager should be able to save different passwords for different sub-domains of the same top-level domain. So you should be able to have a different password saved for (say) and for

My mac does not see the difference between the shop and the steinberg website although they require different passwords. This leads to problems with the macs password manager as I can not have two passwords there for what the mac believes is one website.

Yes perhaps Apple should solve this but this problem only occurs with Steinberg website. Steinberg, ca you please accept the same password for the shop and all the other steinberg suctions or make sure the Macs see it as a different website?

I use cubase and wavelab by the way

Safari’s password manager does not support different passwords for different subdomains of the same site. There’s nothing we at Steinberg can do to change the behaviour of Safari, I’m afraid. You’ll need to add your voice to the online chorus asking that Apple improve Safari in this way. You may find that using a third-party password manager helps, or you could use a different web browser.

We are working on making it possible to use your Steinberg ID to log in to the Steinberg online shop, but I’m not sure what the exact timeline is for when this will be implemented.