Problem losing certain previous values in the project window

Well, cool – N8 works just like C9 and has been totally crash-free on all projects, opened up C9 projects perfectly, etc. Well done!

There’s one specific major problem that C9 has which N8 also shares and really needs immediate attention IMO: If you accidentally hit an automation line on an Audio or Group or Aux or Instrument track in the Project Window that is NOT automated (i.e. has no written automation on it yet), it will snap to that new value, which it should do…however, 3when you undo the mistake it will not return to where it was, so you have no idea what the original setting was. This happens very easily because the automation lines can be very faint when they aren’t active. It’s very bad when this happens, which unfortunately can be fairly often in big sessions.

I hope this can be acknowledged and fixed ASAP.