Problem Mapping Akai MPK225 in Cubase 10

Hi All,

I’ve researched and seen a few posts on this but haven’t been able to solve this yet. I recently bought (used) an Akai MPK225 and started using it in Cubase 10. The keyboard comes with a number of presets for different DAWs so I’m thinking ‘great, no hassle mapping setup’ but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. With the Cubase preset selected, I have no mapping of the transport controls, pots - anything beyond the midi working fine for the keyboard and pads.

I know I need to set up the remote in the Studio Setup section, but haven’t gotten it going. I read online there is a certain XML file I might need to set the board up by importing/exporting this file as a Generic Remote in the Studio Setup section, but I can’t find any specific XML file anywhere. Any help here is much appreciated, thanks.

For those lost in this problem as well, I’ve received a fix from Akai that I’m sorting through. Its got things working …somewhat so far:

Go to this link provided by Akai - its got old directions for older versions of MAC OS and Cubase, but just go into “Studio Setup” instead of devices and the info is generally the same to get the generic remote xml file imported:

Link to the XML file (its on the instructions page, but a little hidden):

The file is for the MPK249 but maps the MPK225. I now have transport working, knobs and buttons too!

WATCH OUT: You have to set the midi channel NOT to “MPK225 Remote”, but rather set it to “MPK MIDI Port A” (why, I don’t know - I thought the midi channel that is called “MPK225 Remote” would have been the one but not in my case)

ONGOING PROBLEM: It seems that some knob movements move multiple faders in different channels and buttons control multiple functions. I’m trying to sort through this - anyone with experience here - info much appreciated, I’m flying blind. Thanks!

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