Problem: Message is "You are ready in Session. Make shure not to use the same name as the studio."

The Internet collapsed during a session. Despite updating Cubase 11 and VSt Connect 5 and the VST Performer, the error message appears when the connection is established between Performer and the host. What can i do`?

when you log in do not use the same login name as the studio… the clue is in the error message ?

As a host, I log into the VST Connect Pro with my Steinberg accout (mail and password). Then I get a green lamp with connection ok. If I now dial up my friend, where the internet had collapsed, then I get this error message

How do I know the name of my studio?

Could it be that there is still a session open somewhere in the Steinberg server between me and my friend (because of the Internet crash)? How can this be stopped?

I don’t believe so:

can you try logging in with the ID method…

mmmhhhh… i`ll try it tomorrow… Thanks

let me know if that works

Hello … I guess I was right. My session was still active in the Steinberg server due to an Internet breakdown. Two days later everything went back to normal. I try an alternative solution with a dial-in ID when the internet crashes again and the same error message appears.

hi Oliver

it’s possible but as I say although maybe you were using the same login on both sides ?

I’d still highly recommend the ID login - solves all those issues IMO