Problem midi files

I had an old Cubase VST, and now I have the Cubase LE AI Elements 7 64bit.
I had pieces that I would like to work again with the latest cubase.
But impossible.
How could I do ???
thank you

If song only contains midi and you still have access to (and a way to run) your old Cubase VST, you can open the song in Cubase VST and export it as a MIDI file. This can then be imported into Cubase 7.

The “normal” way of “converting” Cubase VST files is to import them into Cubase SX3 (which was the last version that had this capability) and then save them as .cpr project files. However, since you’re using Cubase LE AI Elements, I’m not sure that this avenue is open to you. I guess you’ll need to enlist the help of someone with a full Cubase licence.

How about it Steinberg? People still need access to old (.arr, .sng, etc.) files! A small conversion utility is loooong overdue, and should be pretty easy to make.