Problem: MIDI Track and audio from my external synth


I have Cubase Elements 8, Akai MPK225, Steinberg CI1 and a Korg Volca Keys.

I can play and record (by using audio track) on my Volca through my MPK just fine. My challenge here is: is it possible to make Cubase play sounds from my Volca by adding a MIDI Track and putting in some notes/data? I mean, so Cubase would send MIDI data through my MPK to my Volca, which then would send audio to my audio interface.

I have tried adding a MIDI Track and an Audio Track, but I can’t seem to make it work the way I want.

I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:



You can send MIDI data from Cubase directly to the Volca Keys. It’s not necessary to send it via MPK225. But you will probably need some USB > MIDI converter. There is MIDI In and Out only on the MPK225, there is no MIDI Thru. So the MPK225 doesn’t help with the connection.

I still want my Volca to be connected to the MPK for playing. Is it possible to find an adapter/switch of some sort with more MIDI ports, so the Volca would be connected to both the computer and the MPK?


Search for the MIDI Splitter Box. For example MIDI Solutions.