Problem - Mix consule presets not appear

I’m using cubase 7.0.7 on Windows 7 64 bit

I’ve got a problem in the mix consule window 1 -
(just in 1 - in mix consule 2 & 3 it works but I can’t work there with my Mackie control)
The problem is that when I open my template -
where I have there 5 different presets in the mix consule 1 (Audio In channels / group channels etc.)
and my presets won’t show up (shown grey) until I save some new one on an “empty” preset number -
and then they all suddenly appear.

I try all of this:

  1. to reinstall cubase (without uninstall first)
  2. rename the “cubase 7 64” in AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\ to “cubase 7 64 inactive” -
    and it works! it delete all of my setting and templates and then I rebuild every little thing again -
    my keycommands, my templates, my quick controlls, mackie control connection, changing the “mix consule 1” to full screen on monitor 2 and save the template -restart cubase and then again!
    I still have the problem.

please, help me.