Problem monitoring mixes with speakers using lexicon lambda

I tried to find the answer via google and the product manual and also tried find a similar topic in the forum but I didnt find my specific problem or solution, or at least if I did, I didn’t recognize it as such. I apologize for the long post but I want to be as specific as possible.

I recently upgraded from Cubase LE to Cubase Elements 6. I’ve used a Lexicon Lambda for both versions as my audio hardware. However, since I was upgrading I decided to also buy some speakers to help improve the quality of my mixes instead of just using the headphones. I’ve worked thru the initial “set up kinks”, however I cannot get the speakers to work. During recording, the headphones work (as they should) but even on playback I can only hear thru the headphones.
The Lexicon Lambda has a headphone out port on the front, and a L and R output on the back (it has several other ports as well but just trying to keep this pertinent)
Under VST connections my output bus is stereo using OutL and OutR. (I’ve tried adding a second bus with the same set up but both just operate the headphones).
Under Device setup when I click on the driver for my audio hardware (Lambda ASIO) it shows IN1, IN2, OutL and OutR as visible and active.
I’m not sure if I have to differentiate the front panel headphone output from the speaker outputs on the back panel, and if I do, I’m not sure how to do it.

ANy help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Are the speakers powered if the outs are line level?

I’ll try to answer this without sounding too much like a newbie (which could be the thrust of the issue)

The speakers are hooked up to the L and R Line outs. I’m not sure how to answer the question about the speakers. I do not have them hooked up to an amp if that’s what you mean.

Do they have built in amps, is my question. Do they have electric plugs or just 1/4" jacks?

They just have the red and black push in jacks for wires on the back which I spliced into a 1/4" jack to plug into the Lambda. I do not believe they have built-in amps.

Simple thing: No amps - No loud.

Well…I guess that makes sense and makes me feel dumb too = two birds, stone.

Thanks. Once I get an amp, will it automatically play thru the speakers during playback or is there some way I have to tell it I want to use the speakers instead of the headphones?

Unless your interface has a special setting, it will probably work automatically.

Thanks! I appreciate it.