Problem Moving Instruments to Players

I finally realized I’m doing players and instruments all wrong. I’m engraving movements from Pierrot, and had a separate player for flute and piccolo, violin and viola and the clarinets. So I went into setup, selected the piccolo and clicked ‘move to player -> flute’. Nothing happened. I went to the flute player card and right-clicked, and the piccolo appeared. All good. However, Dorico then went unresponsive. It didn’t crash, but it wouldn’t respond to any command - save, write mode, quit, or other attempts to move instruments. The menus all opened and flashed when I clicked on them, but didn’t actually do anything. I restarted and tried again, this time moving viola to violin. Same results. I tried creating a new flow with all players selected, but that didn’t help. I’ve restarted several times, but can never get this to work. Has anyone experienced this?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with this, Jay. Have you tried expanding both the Flute and Piccolo player cards in the Players panel and simply dragging the Piccolo instrument to the Flute player? If this doesn’t work for some reason, please attach your project here (zip it up first) or email it to me so I can take a look.

Thanks, Daniel. Dragging ends up with the same results - it works once, but again renders Dorico ‘zombie-like’ and not responding to anything else. The project is attached. (837 KB)

We will need to look at this in more detail because there is certainly a bug here, but I do at least have a workaround for you: the reason it’s going bananas is because the piccolo is assigned to only one flow, ‘Der Dandy’. Before you try to drag the piccolo instrument to the Flute player, first select it in the Players panel, then switch on the checkboxes for each of the other three movements, so that the Piccolo player is assigned to all four movements. Then you can drag the piccolo instrument to the Flute player, and it should work. Make sure that both the source and destination players are assigned to the same flows before you attempt to move the instruments, and you should be OK.

Thanks, Daniel! That was kind of my thinking when I created one flow with all instruments, but I didn’t think of actually assigning all instruments to all flows… All good now.