Problem navigating samples and projects.

Hey guys

New on this forum, but a long time Cubase user. I’m using a late 2013 iMac, 3.1GHz Quad‑core Intel Core i7, with 16gigs of Ram and 500gigs of SSD storage. I recently updated to OSX El Capitan. I know, I know, Cubase 8 is not compatible! However, please look at the issue below and tell me if I’m just being stupid, or if this is a known bug? I have since upgraded to Cubase 8.5, and I’m experiencing the same problem there too! I can’t seem to find any info online or on this forum about this.

Right, this is the issue:

Before, I was using Cubase 7.5 within OSX Mavericks. There, when you import a sample the conventional way (File -> Import), in the window that pops up, with the forward and backwards arrows in that window, you were able to navigate into and out of folders on your computer easily. Go a level in, no problem, just use the arrows in that window to navigate out again. In Cubase 8 (and Cubase 8.5) this doesn’t seem to be possible? The arrows are greyed out! It opens the last folder you visited, and if you want to go a layer back, you literally have to go to the drop down menu of the search window and search for the original folder! This is driving me INSANE! It’s the same for navigating between projects. Open one project. Then try to open another. The same folder structure pops up, but the arrows in the search window are greyed out. Again, you have to use the drop down menu to navigate back to the original folder. This is nuts.

Very frustrating. I honestly can’t work like this. I’d never get anything done. Please help!