Problem of display in "song/part" windows

Sorry, I don’t know how to correctly explain with my english… But please see the gif.
When I select a part which is below the normal view, the focus goes up to the song title. It is boring.
I want to keep the focus on the part I have selected.

ont save

Yes, it always does that so it is always visible. If it doesn’t, you can quickly get confused during a live show.
You can scroll and look at everything before selecting, so what do you need it for?

The context was I wanted to modify some parts. So I had to scroll down to choose the part but each time I choosed a part, the focus went up…

I noticed also that during a live session, the focus of parts does not follow when parts are too down (so hidden).

If you don’t understand, I will take a video of that.

I’m still using the last V4.1.11.

(The project used had been created with a previous version, maybe 1.1.20)

Have I to create a new project to be in line with new version ?

that annoys me too.
i tought the goal of vstl is, start the programm and forget it during liveshow.
The most time go for editing parts, triggers, in/outputs, midi settings etc.

I update with a gif to show that the parts are not follow with the timeline.


What we need in live session, is to have a look at the active part for all the song, no ?

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reminder ^^

Got it, will check.