problem of steinberg download assistant

Hello, I have a problem about steinberg download assistant.

I’VE download cubase 9.5 from steinberg download assistant, then can i download others software from steinberg download assistant? Is it all free to use?

No, the other items you can see on Download Assistant may be available for a free trial period however.

okay, thanks for your answer.

just bought cubase 11 pro and have a nearby question :
how can i know wich software are here for trial period or not ?
For exemple i know that halion se is with cubase 11 pro but i can imagine that halion 6 is not.
is it possible to know it in the steinberg download assistant.

A few days ago I posted a question about how to recognise updates to already installed plugins in the download assistant. The lack of reply suggests there isn’t a way. The cynical would be forgiven for thinking that the SDA is just a way to promote their plugins, and to get the user to inadvertently install said plugins.