Problem of VOLUME when recording into cubase from Allen Heath QU32

hi you all,
when I record instruments with my allen heat QU32 , the level in cubase is very low
my gain input on the qu32 is perfect and all the faders are just abov 0db, which is recommended by the manual

when a friend of mine comes home with his Mac and records in reaper, the signal is far more powerful

I don’t understand this problem, can anybody help ?

thanks in advance !

I highly doubt that…

the QU has it’s 0dB point at -18dBFS to ensure plenty of headroom (live sound desk)
so if you set your gain of the inputs to around 6dB you will have 12dB headroom and much louder signals

What I meant is that with the SAME levels on the QU32, the volume in cubase and in reaper are very different, so I imagine this could be a cubase issue ???

anyway, If I understand correctly I can ‘push’ my QU32 gain higher (even in the red zone???) without problems ?

maybe I didn’t get you well…

thanks for your help !

not in the red zone, but close to…the yellow zone is the good area :wink:
btw the clip indicator shows levels above -3dBFS somewhere in the signal chain…

there should be additional information available in the reference guide
and I remember some discussions about this on the A&H user forum…

I’ve read many topics about this “problem” (more or less) and most of them confirm that such a “low volume” is normal because of the very important headroom , that’s a fact

but i’ve still no explanation about the difference between cubase and reaper… I’ve got tiny signals in cubase and my friend had a nice fat one in reaper… so… mystery

on the same Qu-32?

Can you do a test to narrow down the origin of the problem?
generate a signal (I would prefer a sine signal @ 1kHz) and record the same signal with both systems…
If you set the level in the QU to exactly 0dB it should read -18db after recording.
Bypass all processing for this test…