Problem on Cubase 7.02 mixer opening

Hello, i have problem on Cubase 7.02 mixer opening. Every time i open mixer window after creating new project it looks like this: Dropbox - Error

So i have to stretch it every time to fit the window.

I have two PC’s in my studio. On the second computer it opens just fine. Can you, please, help me to fix this problem?

There is also a well known downloading license to elicenser problem on this PC. On the second PC all is ok

Nice mixer. :slight_smile:

Are you opening this project on more different machines with different screen resolution? Did you save it after changes of the Mixer window?

I too would like an answer to this one. Good Luck I can’t open and default or an empty project and ever get the mixer to display correctly. I have to open old projects and save templets. Very frustrating

Do you mean factory templates of Cubase?

This happens only when I create new empty project. My screen resolution is 1680-1050

Yes. I cant start an empty or default project. I cant do anything to get at the edge of the of the sliders or racks to resize them.


I’m having similar issues. The main (f3) mixer opens with the lower half of the fader area below the window. If I try to resize, everything scales so the lower half of the fader area remains outside of the window. I think this only happens when I open a default project. Mixer 2 opens fine.

I’m using C7 64bit on W7 64bit.

Just for sure, did you try to trash preferences?