Problem on eLicensers for two computers

I’ve already installed Cubase Pro 8 on my PC, plug-in the eLicenser, type-in the serial number, and it works well.

Now I installed the same Cubase Pro 8 on my laptop, and plug-in the same eLicenser. But now the system require me to re-enter the serial number, but when I enter it, the system said that the serial number has already matched to an eLicenser, and refuse my further action. The 25hr count down continues.

I’ve checked the website. If I’m not mistaken, the eLicenser should function as an authorization for whatever computer it is attached with, as long as the serial number is entered. In addition, it cannot re-enter serial number.

So … what should I do now?

You don´t need a serial number, you need the sctivation code. With that you activate and download the license one time to your licenser, where the license is then stored, and your activation code is no longer useable. On the next computer install the latest eLicense control center software, and if you have activated your license correctly, it will automatically recognize the license on your USB eLicenser.

this is not how it works. Your license is on your elicenser it will unlock Cubase on any PC it’s installed on. Please explain again what EXACTLY is happening?