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For almost one week now, I have been trying to buy the TBO MkII. I get an error message and I have asked Steinberg Store Support if they can help me. They refer to Fastspring, where I have submitted a ticket, however after one week they still haven’t answered me… So I again sent a mail to Steinberg Store support 2 days ago. Still no answer.

I think it’s really annoying that it seems that no one at Steinberg cares about this. In the past few years I have bought for about €3.000,= worth of software only from Steinberg and would expect they treat me more seriously than this.

Does anybody have the same experience? Just curious.

If you can share the “error message” it might actually help someone else help you. Otherwise, nobody knows exactly what you are dealing with.

Thanks, for your reply. It’s just a simple error saying that my order can not be accepted and that I need to get in touch to get it solved.

The actual purpose of my post is to find out if there are more users who run in to this kind of lack of decisiveness from Steinberg. I can’t really understand why people working at a costumer service desk are so unwilling to help their clients. In my line of business, we understand that the costumers bring in the money necessary to keep the business running (and to pay the salary of the customer service employee).

Hmmm … okay.

Is this where you submitted a support request? …

Consumer Support Form - FastSpring

I’m sorry for your troubles and not sure what else to suggest :neutral_face: .

Same experience? Absolutely not with Steinberg, but FWIW I had an email exchange with Universal Audio about six weeks ago and sent them crash logs and descriptions of my problems with one of their plugins. Since then: nada. Nothing. I had sent the same crash logs to Steinberg and had an answer from Martin within a day. I then sent the same stuff to UAD. Helpful and friendly email exchanges with them for a day or so, but since then nothing.

Hopefully you get the problem solved about buying the TBO Mk II. Good luck.


Thx Steve, The problem was finally solved today. Probably I’ve hit the correct button to speed up things. But still unbelievable why something like this takes so long and why Steinberg doesn’t step in for their clients themselves and solve things internally with Fastspring (Slowspring would be a better name :slight_smile:

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