Problem opening 2.1 files in 2.2

I’m working on an unpublished cello sonata and finished the note input and basic layout in 2.1. Wanting to see how it looked in 2.2, I opened it on a test machine and all my input in piano part had disappeared in 3 out of 4 movements. At the mo, all four movements are separate projects. I went back to my production machine (still on 2.1) and it’s all fine. In 2.2, Both instruments are defined and selected in Flows. Nothing strange otherwise - it’s just that there is nothing in the pf part - notes, articulations, dynamics, tempi, system text - all gone. Setting the Tacet options proves that there’s nothing in the Pf.

Unfortunately, I can’t post the project here for copyright reasons, though I have sent a copy to Daniel’s email address.

Both test and production machines are Macs with Mojave at the same level.

Has anybody else observed the content of instrumental parts missing or have any suggestions?

Please be patient. I’ll come back to you as soon as I can. As you might imagine, I’m getting a lot of email right at the minute.

Daniel suggested this might be a glitch in Dropbox, which I use to maintain files across multiple machines. Despite datestamps and file size being the same in both cases, content appeared to be different.

Fortunately, Time Machine came to my rescue and I’m back with working projects.

To be honest, I don’t know how Daniel keeps up with the workload. While there may be many of us who envy what he does, few would preferentially take on his intray…

I’m having a similar issue. Actually worse: I’m attempting to open a very brief Dorico 2.1 score (something like 20 bars) of mostly fairly rudimentary strings, which 2.2 apparently successfully reads (I see the score in the Write tab) – whereupon it loads the VST instruments, and then promptly hangs.

I’ve tried to open it four times, now. Let the eLicenser do its updates, made sure my VSTs were loading OK in the Play application, looked for some clue about the problem in application.log… nothing. Very disappointing.

Meh. This is usually the point where I commiserate with Dorico’s programmers on the difficulties of creating a competitive large-scale application (I’m a senior software engineer, myself, so I know how hard it is), but I’ve supported Dorico since 1.0 and I’m rapidly losing patience with these egregious problems. I can’t even open a pretty basic score written in just the previous version of the application? What is this?

It’s a stopgap, but you could share the file with a 2.2 user, and they could open it, set template to silence, and save. I’d be happy to try that for you.

I’m very sorry to hear that you’re having such problems. Please believe me that if these file opening problems had been reported by any of our beta testers then we would have fixed them before release,as something like this would be considered a blocking issue. If you email me a copy of a project that shows the problem then I can take a look. Email p dot walmsley at steinberg dot de

The other thing that would be helpful, Milo, is to get a dump of what Dorico is doing when it’s hanging. If you’re on Windows, I believe you can use the free Process Monitor utility from Microsoft/Sysinternals to generate a sample of the state of the program when it’s hanging; on Mac, you do this by selecting the process in Activity Monitor and choosing the ‘Spindump’ option from the cog menu at the top of the window. If you then subsequently quit and restart Dorico, please send us the diagnostic reports generated by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report – this will be a zip file on your desktop.

For the record, the issue that Pete (the original poster in this thread) was having was nothing to do with Dorico itself: he was able to copy the files from one computer to the other and open them in 2.2 to keep working, and it seems to have been some kind of Dropbox sync issue. I’m certainly not suggesting that Dorico doesn’t have bugs: of course it does, like any large-scale application. But we do carefully test the application in as many environments as possible and with as many users as possible, and no issues like this came up in our testing. We will do everything we can to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

If you are interested in a workaround to get that specific project opened in the meantime, I’m also happy to help describe such a thing to you.

I’m happy to do what I can to help, gentlemen. Daniel, I’ll follow your suggestions and send you the diagnostics.

EDIT: Hmm. Very peculiar. I ran Process Monitor, then I attempted to load the 2.1 score, then it froze again, then I restarted Dorico and selected Help → Create Diagnostic Report… whereupon the file loaded just fine. No hang, no crash. :confused:

I saved the 2.2 version, then quit Dorico and tried to load the 2.1 version again. Again, it converted and loaded just fine.

Not sure what you’d like me to do, at this point.

@Milo, are you using Vienna Ensemble Pro in your project? Because I’ve seen this with another user, where the project loads, but can’t do anything anymore, because the audio engine is blocking everything. The engine loads the Vienna plug-ins and they try to connect to the server, that hangs and therefore everything stalls.

No, Ulf, I’m using EastWast Symphonic Orchestra and Bidule, exclusively.

Back to not loading, again. Trying to open the 2.2 file, Dorico hangs after loading the VSTs. Like other users, it does load sometimes; interestingly, the DoricoBeep UI pops up whenever my score opens successfully, if that helps.

My Process Monitor and diagnostics files are available for download at your leisure.

Try turning off the option to suspend audio devices in the background, as I see that you have that turned on.

Loads without fail now that I’ve done that. Thank you, M̶r̶.̶ Dr. Walmsley.


Fixed it for you. :wink: