Problem opening a Score with 30 flows


today I opened a rather finished project, an oratorio with 30 flows and only 12 players [edit: actually 13 players]
The file converted to version 2.1.
I can open most layouts and work on them.
I did work on the singers text no problem with my layout Singers and Basso continuo.
But trying to open the Full Score layout brings Dorico to a halt, the application stalles - respectivly hangs.
I am on macOS 10.11.6 so I just see a spinning beachball forever… until I force quit Dorico.

I opened the file again and experimented with switching between layouts: everything shows up, exept the Full Score Layout (Dorico hangs) and: Flute 1!
If I try to open Flute 1 layout, Dorico also hangs and I have to force quit…

So next I tried was: open the file and export just the Flute 1 Flows.
Result: when I try to open that file, Dorico stops at 62% and does not go any further.
Also trying xml export of flute 1 part hangs the program…
Any idea how I can recover my work?
Ah, yes: trying to switch to print mode also results in Dorico hanging forever…

Dear k_b,
I have High Sierra, if you want to send me your file to check if it is OS related, feel free to do so! I can send you my e-mail address in private.

thank you Marc, I have sent you the file. It might be a problem with the audio setup, I don’t know…

I have solved the problem, it wasn’t easy though.
I tried exporting flows in different combinations, then exporting the whole piece to seperate flows. Once I had isolated flow 12 to be the culprit. It was the only one which would not open (it was one of the flows with Player holding flute 1); all other flows were fine.
I opened the master file again and just disabled „disconnected“ flute 1 from flow 12 (= deleting its music).
I could now happily for the first time save the file again :slight_smile:
I have just finished inputting flute 1 music back into flow 12 and everything is fine.

… I don’t know if the developers want to have a look into that file. The problem appeared right after Dorico automatically updating the file to version 2.1.

It sounds suspiciously like an audio thing. I wonder if the original file would open if you:

make a copy
add the “zip” extension to the copied file
open the zip
delete the “supplementary_data” folder
exit the zip/unzip program
delete the zip extension
open the file in Dorico

Supplementary_data also contains graphics and other things that can cause grief, but that “only flow with this instrument” situation makes me think that audio is the culprit

Claude, this is an interesting approach.
I followed your method, on the Mac the zip file opens when double clicked and I get a folder with content.
Interesting to know that a .dorico file is actually a zipped folder.
Anyway I deleted the supplementary_data folder and changed the extension back to .dorico.
This file would not open with Dorico „invalid file format“.
Then I tried the same procedure closer to your description by using iZip application. It would open the zip file as a mounted disk image, from which I could delete that folder and close the changed file again. After putting on the .dorico extension again, the file could be accesed with Dorico without an error message, but: it would open only until 62% after which the whole thing stalled.
Anyway thank you for your suggestion, I have learnt something (for the next time?).

Luckily I had recovered a working project file (see message above yours) so I am a happy camper anyway.

I would certainly be interested to see the project in its non-working state. I assume you would have posted the project here already if you were willing to do so, so please email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with a link to this thread in your email message.

Thank you Daniel for your offer, I have emailed the file to your address.

I can only tell you I was getting hanging and it was Kontakt getting hung and it seems Windows Defender was doing it… Others are having this problem on 10 here and there it seems. I didn’t see your specs if you were on a mac or windows but there it is.

I am on Mac and don’t use Defender.
My file is actually using a different than the standard HSSE + HSO (Pro) configfuration (Roland Sound Canvas). But as the playback configuration is layout dependent (??) I can’t load a standard playback template to recover the file - as I can not get into the Flute 1 Layout…