Problem opening Cubase 12

I’m trying to open Cubase 12 but I haven’t been able to. I have my elicenser with its respective activation code and all its serials as it should be but when I open the software it says that it cannot find the license and must be closed. I’ve been trying everything for a year and I can’t solve this problem.

Cubase 12 is not using eLicenser anymore …

Information on Steinberg Licensing – Steinberg Support

:astonished: Wow.

but it doesnt work. What i can do with this?

What doesn’t work?

What is the exact license you “think” you have?

Did you buy a full version of Cubase 12, or was it an update/upgrade?

Also, it might help (or, maybe not) to mention which version of 12 we are talking about - LE, AI, Elements, Artist, Pro …

I upgraded from 11 pro to 12 … Previously it was working normally and suddenly it just stopped opening. in the elicenser software it says: cubase 11 pro (upgrade to cubase with steinberg licensing)

So as @Scab_Pickens already mentioned, since Cubase 12 the eLicenser is not used anymore. What you see in the Control Center is your Cubase 11 license marked as upgraded, which means you did the license upgrade correctly.

Now you need to open the Activation Manager, a tool that is automatically installed on your machine, and press the Activate Button next to your Cubase 12 license.

For more information about the new Steinberg Licensing (well, new means since 2022) you can read it all here (@Scab_Pickens also send you this link)