Problem Opening Cubase AI 7

Hello, I have a Windows 10, 64-bit operating system and I’ve recently encountered a problem with Cubase AI 7. A few days ago when I clicked on the Cubase AI 7 shortcut on my desktop, a message popped up saying “No valid license found. The program will quit now”. Up until this point it has been working fine. I have a full license for Cubase AI 7. I looked at my elicense control center which then prompted me to repair which I did but it was unsuccessful. I then downloaded a new elicense control center and now I can see that my license is still there and valid, yet I still can’t access Cubase. Another point that may be of importance is that it still shows the demo license in the elicenser that I had before getting the full license.

Has anyone experienced this before because I am at a loss. I tried contacting Steinberg support but have not managed to connect. I have a strange feeling that downloading a new update to my computer recently may have made things screwy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,



So you have Cubase AI 7 Trial (red, already expired) and Cubase AI 7 (black) license, on your Soft-eLicenser, am I right?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply! Yes you are correct. Also, a recent update is that today I was offered support by Steinberg and can now access Cubase again. After leaving a message with Steinberg support yesterday, they called me back today and I explained my problem again. After the call they sent me an email with a link to a download that would reset my damaged Soft eLicenser (likely from a recent update to my computer). They also sent a new activation code. With these I was able to use Cubase AI 7 again!

Thanks, I hope this helps others who are having this issue.