Problem opening file

I have a file that I originally made in Dorico 3.5. I am unable to open it in Dorico 5.
I sent it to a friend who was able to open it in Dorico 5. They saved it for me and sent it back to me as a Dorico 5 file, but I still could not open it.

I am attaching the file. If anyone is able to to work out the problem, or send me a copy that they think I will be able to open, I would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATIVE.

Cheers, Matthew
He She and Doxy v5.dorico (1.5 MB)

Hi Matthew,
I can open the file without problems (Dorico 5 on Windows). What exactly happens when you try to load the file? Do you get an error message?

Me too on a Mac.


Thanks both.

I get a ‘Dorico quit unexpectedly’ message with a very long report (too long to paste here) under Comments.

Cheers, Matthew

Ok, in this case it might help to post the diagnostic report created during the crash. If you open Dorico again directly after the crash, select Create Diagnostic Report (or the like) from the Help menu. It will create a zip file that you can post here or send to the Dorico team.

Dorico (1.4 MB)
Thanks Martin. Good idea. Report attached.
Cheers, Matthew

Trying my luck here one more time. Any help to understand why this file opens on other computers but not mine much appreciated. Diagnostic report attached above. Thanks, Matthew

I guess, the Dorico team has to investigate this issue. There are a stack traces present in the crash dumps but without readable debug information for the Dorico functions. Hence, the debug symbols are required to identify the function where the segmentation fault happens.

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Is this email to reach the Dorico team on?
Cheers, Matthew

You can probably contact @dspreadbury directly here in the forum.

Matthew, it looks like you’re still running Dorico 5.0, and you should update to Dorico 5.0.20. Your project opens fine in Dorico 5.0.20. You can download and install the update using Steinberg Download Assistant, or here: