Problem opening specific project: Dorico hangs

The point update to macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 was released today by Apple.

After I installed it, I can no longer launch Dorico 1.2.10. It just hangs with the spinning beach ball and never displays any menu bar or windows or dialogs.

Have any other users experienced this?

I have the latest developer beta 10.13.4, which was released just a few days ago, so it’s likely the same as public release.
So far, Dorico runs as usual (knock-knock:); i.e. nothing beyond rare occasional hiccups (e.g. inability to save the project).


Sorry to hear that :cry:.

I did a full afternoon’s work with on 10.13.4 without the slightest problem.

Unfortunately for you, that does prompt me to think it’s something else - and that there’s no incompatibility.

Good luck!

Well, if other users cannot reproduce my problem, then how might I troubleshoot this? Perhaps there is an incompatible VST instrument that is preventing Dorico’s launch? Should I go looking for a log file and examine it? Suggestions please.

You might be lucky by looking at logs in the /Applications/Utilities/Console app; search top right for ‘Dorico’, ‘Steinberg’, presumably. And/or launch Dorico and watch as the log lines are written (to Console) if it still fails.

Then, Yes - I’d have said unlikely - try launching Dorico without VI’s.

The update couldn’t have disabled your licensing, could it?

(You do have this latest build, don’t you?)

How do I do that, please?

Here’s what I get:

default 22:34:48.297324 -0400 launchservicesd CHECKIN:0x0-0xb10b1 1172 com.steinberg.dorico
default 22:34:48.659684 -0400 Dorico -[NSAlert runModal] may only be invoked from the main thread. Behavior on other threads is undefined. (
0 AppKit 0x00007fff311a463f -[NSAlert runModal] + 178
1 Dorico 0x0000000105b994f9 ZNSt3__127__insertion_sort_incompleteIRZN9Steinberg5Steam27VoiceAndRhythmDotPositioner15DottedNoteheads20ensureStemSplitOrderENS2_15PositionOnStaveEEUt_PNS3_14DottedNoteheadEEEbT0_SA_T + 28569257
2 Dorico 0x0000000105b98fc5 ZNSt3__127__insertion_sort_incompleteIRZN9Steinberg5Steam27VoiceAndRhythmDotPositioner15DottedNoteheads20ensureStemSplitOrderENS2_15PositionOnStaveEEUt_PNS3_14DottedNoteheadEEEbT0_SA_T + 28567925
3 Dorico 0x0000000105b9ad3e ZNSt3__127__insertion_sort_incompleteIRZN9Steinberg5Steam27VoiceAndRhythmDotPositioner15DottedNoteheads20ensureStemSplitOrderENS2_15PositionOnStaveEEUt_PNS3_14DottedNoteheadEEEbT0_SA_T + 28575470
4 Dorico 0x0000000105cae9f5 _ZNSt3__127__insertion_sort_incompleteIRZN9Steinberg5Steam27VoiceAn

and at that point Dorico is (not responding) in the Force Quit dialog.

In the Finder it reports that I have Dorico But I can’t launch the program so I can’t confirm the exact build number from within Dorico. The Steinberg Download Assistant reports that I have installed the latest update to Dorico 1.2.10.


How exactly are you launching Dorico: from the Dock; from its place in the /Applications directory subsequently to load a Project; or by loading an existing Project to begin with?

The version of Dorico immediately prior to 1.2.10 build 139 did have a bug that could cause crashes. That’s why the team released 139 after only a day or so; and corrected it. Strongly suggest you make sure (Cmnd-I on the Dorico icon in the Finder (Applications directory)) that you are running

As for disabling VST’s, this page may help, since the procedures for VST2 and 3 differ. Which Virtual Instruments do you have?

As a last resort, you could always try re-installing Dorico.

I have build 136. I had not heard of this update to 139.

Right now I run the Steinberg Download Assistant and it doesn’t say anything about my being out of date or needing an update. So I suppose I’ll have to find out how to find and manually download this build 139 of which you speak. Is there a URL somewhere?

I have a TON of VSTs from half a dozen different companies related to my Fishman MIDI guitar system. I certainly wish I knew how to get Dorico to ignore these when it loads, as I never use any of them from within Dorico, but I don’t know how to do that.

See for download links.

As I understand it, build 136 was available for less than 24 hours before being superseded by build 139, and the thread I’ve linked to was pinned at the top of this board for a good couple of weeks.

Partial resolution: I used Steinberg Download Assistant to re-download the Update to Dorico 1.2.10, which turned out to be Build 139. Dorico now launches normally.

But again, the Steinberg Download Assistant did not inform me that I was not up-to-date. It gave me no clue that I had Update to Dorico 1.2.10 but it was an obsolete build 136, and that there is a newer build called 139 that I had not yet installed.

Isn’t it the job of Steinberg Download Assistant to inform the user that they are not up-to-date? This seems sloppy to me.

I don’t expect to have to come to this forum and read posts every day, “pinned to the top of the board” or otherwise, to have my software up-to-date, especially when Steinberg provides a purpose-built updater program.

And don’t tell me that I can run “Check for Updates” in the Dorico Help menu. My copy of Dorico would not launch at all, so I could never get to the “Check for Updates” command in the first place. Catch-22.

Thank you, MarkSealey, for your troubleshooting help.

You’re very welcome, Wheat!

Glad you got it working.

Only Daniel and the Steinberg team - who really do an outstanding job of producing updates, as pianoleo says - will know how many dedicated users are active on this forum as a percentage of their customers.

But I’d guess that most of those who do visit (even if only once a day), or subscribe to get notifications of new posts (see your User Control Panel), think that it’s worth it. I’ve certainly learnt a lot here :slight_smile:.

I suppose your comments on the Download Assistant do prompt me to ask whether you have the latest version of that installed :confused:. I agree, though, that you probably had anomalous behaviour in its not keeping you up to date. Though I’ll wager there’s a good explanation of that too.

Dorico is a fast-developing product; and its community is an extremely vibrant one. I’d feel really isolated if I weren’t in touch with what’s going on (here). Pinned topics at the top are always worth scanning. What’s more, Daniel invariably draws our attention to major announcements - like the 139 build one.

Good luck!

Just a heads-up if you also use Metric Halo’s MIO Console:

To All MIO Users:

The latest update to macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) appears to introduce a bug that is not allowing MIO Console to launch properly.

The driver will still stream audio, but you will not be able to use MIO Console to make configuration changes.

For that reason we recommend that for the time being you DO NOT UPDATE to macOS 10.13.4. You should be fine up to version 10.13.3.

We will post again when we have more information.

Best regards,

Jon Stern

From what I can tell from this crash log, it appears likely to be a problem with the score rather than the OS update. Try starting Dorico by clicking on another Dorico project in the finder. In theory that should allow Dorico to start, then try loading your previous score, and if that causes a crash then one of the team should be able to take a look for you.