Problem playing back recorded audio cubase 7.5.30


Something weird has started happening. I don’t know if I’ve accidentally messed things up or if I’m missing something obvious. I record a vocal. I can see the wave file. When I playback I only hear the first second then it fades out to nothing. Then I can’t hear the track at all even when starting from beginning but if I leave it playing and drag it onto another track I hear a second of where the track is up too then it fades out again.

Driving me mad, please help!

Sounds like automation has been implemented without you noticing it.
Maybe in the mixer ? (You see a red R or green W somewhere on the track in the mixer or the main window ?)
Switch it off, and the automation should dissapear.

kind regards,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll try it as soon as I’m back! Fingers crossed…

I found the problem. I couldn’t see any automation set anywhere but then noticed the VST Dynamics was on and set to Rock Lead Vocals. I changed it to another preset and it worked fine. I don’t know why but rock lead vocals was making it fade out. I hadn’t altered any settings it just happened to be switched to that in the template I’d opened. I’d better learn how to use VST Dynamics. Thanks for your help though!

I am running Cubase AI7 on Windows 7. I have a Yamaha Motif XS8 hooked up to a UR 44 Interface which in turn is hooked via USB to my PC. When I playback a recorded track there is a static clip or pop on the track. I think I have tried most everything but am unable to solve the problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

When recording “Vocals” (only then) in Cubase 8 LE AI Elements, which has VST Dynamics / Rock Lead Vocals as a default insert, I experienced this mysterious “fade out” after a few seconds also (more often when the mic level is low, and only, if I switch to an different channel while play-back) has been bugging me for many hours too. With Your help I could remove VST Dynamics from the vocals channel and the fade out disappeared! Many thanks, dtcmusic!

Btw. what is the meaning and destiny of VST Dynamics?

I had this same problem, and nothing helped. I did this and now problem solved!!!

All you guys have to do is to learn how a noise gate works. No Need for samplerate cconverting or anything else.