Problem: playing midi keyboard notes is doing weird things in Cubase

Hi there

Recently when I’ve been using Cubase 11 (Pro), when I’m playing notes on my midi keyboard - it’s triggering operations within Cubase. For example pressing a certain F sharp key is popping up a window. Two days ago I lost 15 mins of work when one of the keys closed cubase down entirely without saving. Sometimes the note I am pressing is removing the track it’s in.

It seems to be worse for some instruments, e.g. Native Instruments Studio Drummer, am also finding this behaviour in Spitfire Organ and Cinesamples Cinepiano just now.

It’s starting to render the software unusable for me.

Is there a shortcut button I’ve accidentally enabled somewhere?
How can I stop this behaviour? When I press a note within a certain instrument, I want it to just play that note.

Check your Cubase Studio Setup, if your keyboard is connected as a Mackie Control - if yes, disconnect it from that mechanism and see if that helps.

Thank you - it seems to have solved it! :pray: :smiling_face:

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Yeah - very confusing at first. The Mackie Control thing can be messy, since it’s effectively a re-mapping of various midi events including notes across potentially all 16 midi channels.

When it was first invented, that never caused a problem, because the early midi control devices were only control surfaces (i.e. faders and buttons and knobs).

But with many modern devices, we now have a lot of combination devices that are both: playing an instrument with keys or pads AND a control surface.

So I’ve pretty much stopped using the Mackie Control protocol, and use the Generic Remote, when I want to use the knobs, buttons and faders on a modern keyboard controller or drum pad based controller for Cubase commands.

I think I’m obliged to use the Mackie protocol for my icon Platform M+ control surface, but that product’s documentation leaves something (aka a lot!) to be desired :slight_smile:

Since that’s a non-instrument controller, that particular use case should work fine without unintended consequences - as long as you ensure to not include that device in the “In all midi inputs” seettings