Problem powering off UR44 light always on

No matter if the power switch pushed or not the power light always on. Is that a normal behaviour? Can’t seem to turn it off except by disconnecting the unit.

Seems like a defect to me. I can turn mine off whether my PC is on or off (not that it should be of any influence since it’s non-USB powered but still…).

Does your light goes off when your turn it off but still connected to your power outlet?

I have just gotten a ur824 and am experiencing the same thing.

Powered off and plugged in the power button lights up.

When powered on, the power buttons lights up brighter.

After I cut the power to the unit the power light stays lit for a couple of mins before fading off.

Is this by design?


I’m wondering about the same thing about my UR824… Always stays a Little lit even though it’s off… Is this by design?