Problem printing from Dorico. Results always half size landscape!


I have a Samsung CLX-6260 Series Printer connected directly to my Windows 10 computer via a cable. All printing jobs that I do, print perfectly.

However, when I try printing from Dorico, I get an A4 page that is printed half size, landscape.

The Preferences from the printer via the computer are correct, although I do not seem to be able change any preferences in the Printer dialogue from Dorico print option.

I hope some kind soul can assist.

Thank you.

See screen dump for problem.

  1. Does Dorico’s preview (the central panel of Print mode) show the music correctly?
  2. What size is set in Layout Options > Page Setup?
  3. Do you get a different result if, in the right panel of Print mode, you use “Custom Scale” and leave “Scale factor” as “100%”, rather than using “Fit to Paper”?

I will use a strong term ‘oh bother.’

  1. Dorico’s preview shows music correctly.
  2. Layout options > Page Setup = A4
  3. Trying ‘Scale factor’ as 100% still results in the same problem :frowning:

If I change scale factor to 200% the music notation is printed much larger, but is still limited to half an A4 page landscape.

Next steps please.

Thank you.

It’s a bit of a weird one, this. What happens if you Print from another application (Word or whatever) WITHOUT setting the Samsung Printing Preferences to use “Normal Print”? Does it print portrait or half-size landscape?

Because you can’t access the printer’s properties directly from within Dorico (something we certainly plan to implement in future) you need to go to the Printers applet in Control Panel and make sure that you have set suitable default printing options: it seems to me you must have some kind of default set in the applet that is causing it to print everything 2-up regardless of what the application is sending.

A workaround, though obviously not a great one, would be to export PDFs from Dorico and then print them from another application.

I had a similar problem. Dorico preview shows the whole page but prints 2 thirds. When exporting to pdf, printing with another program results in the same. When exporting to png, printing with another program results is good. But my page only had graphics and frames.
I didn’t understand how I succeeded, but I inserted a master page to the page that printed poorly and everything worked out.
Another same case, I remove all master page changes from page that printed poorly and then the printing was fixed.:slight_smile: :grinning
Sometimes there is a lot of laughter in serious things.))

Best Regards