Problem (re-)saving a Song

I want to save this song again after editing it using “Song/Save Song” and overwrite the old song file. Then I got these message and nothing happend.

I use the Save-Song function often but never got this problem.
What do I miss?

Say no when it asks to save media files too.

Ok, here is my problem, I sat the checkbox “dont as again” so this question will not pop up again? How can I solve that?

OK I found the settings in “Edit/Preferences/Messages” I removed it and say´d “no” so the file was saved. I selected “Don´t ask again” - again so that this problem will not apear again - but why did VST ask me to save the media files too?

I don’t understand that question. It asks…well, because it offers optional saving of media files.
So what is your question?

I didn’t know, that VST offers this function “optional saving of media files”.

It had been wished for…

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