Problem reactivating Cubase 11 elements

I bought Cubase 11 Elements a couple of months ago, and I activated it and it worked perfectly. But I had to format my PC and since then I couldn’t reactivate Cubase.
When I try to follow the reactivation tutorial that I found from Steinberg, when I go into MySteinberg Cubase doesn’t even appear on my registered software, meaning I can’t activate it. I managed to download it as I still have the confirmation e-mail with the download access code, but I can’t use Cubase without the activation. When I try to use the old download access code I get a message that says that it has been used by another user.
I tried everything, and I’m extremely frustrated with Cubase and their support. I tried calling my local Cubase dealer and they can’t help me, so writing here is my last hope of finding a solution.
I’ll appreciate it a lot if someone knows a solution or can help me somehow.
Thank you! :grinning:

Perhaps you should make sure that you logged into the correct account. If you did register the soft-elicenser it would be in your account.