Problem Reactivating Elements 7

Hi, this has probably been brought up before, but I’m struggling to reactivate elements after a hard drive failure. I logged a call with support 5 days ago and have had nothing back so far(have they stopped supporting 7?). I have installed elicenser and Cubase but when I go to reactivate in My Account there is supposed to be a list of licenses that can be activated or at the very least one license? I have none, zilch so I’m not able to reactivate my software. Am I being thick? this is the way to do it right?

Ok so I have found out what the problem is, I have two accounts…doh! One has Cubase Elements 7 and the old elicence is on the original account and the new elicence for the new system is on the another. So looks like I will have to delete the new account and that would free up the new elicense? Unfortunately, as I understand it, only Steinberg can do this? and as I haven’t’ had a reply from my original help request (now at 5 days) I don’t think I’m going to be back in business any time soon, are they always this slow on customer support?

I never really had any issues with the timeliness of Steinberg’s support but, there are many here on our forum who post that they have slow/no support. Good luck :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: