Problem recording MIDI on 7.5 & Ozone

Hi Folks,

I have just got 7.5 up and running on a laptop - this is while I wait for a new-build PC. For the time being I am using an M-Audio Ozone as the ASIO sound card and midi inputter via USB.

Before I get to my problem I have checked & made sure Ozone is working correctly by opening up Sibelius 7. All fine.

It appears to be working ok in Cubase 7.5 as well, but with all the input midi meters working I cannot seem to record onto a Midi track. The virtual keyboard and direct input in the midi editor work fine. In the Midi in/outs for the track I have selected both ‘all midi inputs’ and the ‘Ozone’. I have outputted to the bundled Halion with a piano loaded.

This is an upgrade from SX2 so I’m not a total novice with Cubase just with the ensuing 10 years advancement. I have gone through the 7.5 manual and followed it all the way (I think) but still am getting nothing when I try to record midi with the Ozone keyboard. I even re-booted everything to make sure. The Device Setup all seems ok.

I’ve probably missed something very simple but before I pull all of what’s left of my hair out has anyone got any ideas?



Ok - I have narrowed the field. The problem is to do with the Ozone. (I have 2 of these and they are both acting the same)

In the Devices Midi port setup the Ozone is shown as ‘Directmusic’.
At the moment I have connected a Waldoft Blofeld via USB (shows as ‘Windows MIDI’) and it is recording with no problems.
Switch back to the Ozone - all the meters work the same. Nothing records.

Is this problem due to Cubase not recognising the ‘MIDI over USB’ from the Ozone?

Or is it to do with the ‘Directmusic’ and ‘Windows MIDI’ device descriptions?

Can I use the ‘MIDI Port filter’ utillity from Cubase SX era to fix this?

Am I going loopy?

Anyone out there got any ideas?



Well looks rather like I’m on my own on this one. Not to worry. In case anyone comes accross this problem here’s how I solved it.

On the back of the Ozone are 2 MIDI ports One of them says ‘Keyboard’ the other ‘USB’. The keyboard is a regular MIDI out.

I took a midi cable from the USB to an M Audio Midiface 1x1 that I had hanging around. Installed the latest drivers from M Audio - plugged it in and ‘Bob’s your uncle’ Cubase recognised it no problem. Latency seems fine so there there we go.

It is about 10 years since I used the Ozone and frankly I don’t remember how I hooked it up before. The Ozone manual is a little unhelpful in this area but there you go.

If this has been any use to anyone all well & good.

Regards 2 U all


Ok Last one on this From Christoph at Steinberg support who was very helpful. Click on the url - it’s self explanatory.[keyword_search]=midi

This bypasses my last post - You do not need to connect the midi at the back of the Ozone.



I had a similar problem with my m-audio keyboard with it showing two drivers in Cubase both enabled!