Problem Recording VST Instruments


I am sure i am just doing something stupid here but I just finished a recording a project with about 17 Audio tracks (drums, guitars and vox). I then set up an instrument track and loaded the Spector. i recorded about a 10 second intro to the song with Spector. My understanding is that Instrument tracks are exported just like audio tracks when doing an audio mixdown. I went to audio mixdown and clicked “Stereo Outputs” on the left had pane/column and exported. However everything is there except the Spector track.

I did not record it as a Midi track by opening the VST Instrument panel I used the Instrument track. Funny thing is about a month ago I did record and mixdown a track using some VST instruments like halion One and my Addictive drums but for some reason today I am running into a problem.

Am I missing something?

Any help is appreciated.


Mike Pelle

Make sure you dont export with the track record enabled?


Just double checked I dont have Record enabled when I tried the audio mixdown. It does work when i do audio mixdown and click “real time” but I really thought I would not need to do this with VST Instruments.

I meant the little speaker monitor button (maybe) ?