Problem recording VST instuments

I have cubase 6 on two seperate computers and having this same problem.

I can hear, lets say for example, the interal keyboard playing sounds upon using the internal keyboard and my external keyboard; all hooked up and mapped. On the track of which all this is connected the blue indicstors also light up with the sound. When I hit the record and start making notes, the data lane, as the line play passes, shows that something should be recorded. The moment I hit the stop, any data that could be in the lane dissapears.

I can use any of the preset drum tracks and open and change any of the info with the drum edior and make changes ad create. Kind of got that figured out pretty well. This tells me that some thing is workig correctly.

I even went to preset production setups and tired to get a synth track to record and can not.

what would the basic check list be to see what I am missing here? I have spent some time trying many cofiguration to figure this out.

I would be grate full for ay help :open_mouth:

So can any one help?

Try checking Use System Timestamp.

Ok - while looking in the manualll am having difficultly finding out what this means. Still no luck recording

Hi John,
Maybe it would help if you did a print screen or a short video. Hopefully, someone could identify a minor thing your missing.