Problem recording VSTs

Cubase Essentials 5. I’ve had VSTs working before. Had to reinstall on a new machine. I can record audio to a track and play it back. When I create an Instrument Track and load a VST I can hear the VST playing but when I press record and then play something - nothing appears on the track.

When I create a MIDI track isn’t showing any midi data as being recorded either - though I can see stuff registering on the midi activity indicator.

Any ideas? Hoping it’s just some set-up box I need to tick. I had it all working great on my last PC.

I’m on Windows XP SP3 using Native Instruments Kore 1 controller (with the audio ins and outs as well as midi ins and outs).

Thanks in advance for any help/assistance.

What’s the input of the track set to?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Input is set to “NI Kore MIDI IN 1”

Kore 1 isn’t a keyboard, but a controller. What are you expecting to record?

I have my midi keyboard connected to the Kore 1 hardware - it acts as a midi and audio in/out.

Fixed (I think) - did this from the Steinberg troubleshooting page. In Devices - Midi - both Timestamp boxes were unticked. I’ve ticked them and it seems to be working.

Cubase SE/SL/SX 3.1 and Nuendo 3.1 or later

In Cubase/Nuendo, select “Devices Setup…” from the “Devices” menu.
In the “Device Setup” window click on “MIDI > MIDI Port Setup”.
Installed MIDI ports should now be listed in the right part of the window.
Enable the option “Use System Timestamp for ‘Windows MIDI’.” which you find beneath the listed ports. Depending on the installed MIDI driver “Use System Timestamp for ‘Windows DirectMusic’.” might also be available. Enable it, too. (If system timestamp already has been used unmark the option. In other words: Change the status of the “Use System Timestamp…” option.)
Click on OK in order to close the Device Setup window and enjoy accurate MIDI data recording.