Problem recording with Cubase 6

hi guys !
Ok, im gonna sound retarded with my question…see, i just bought cubase elements 6 to give it a try
but i never really used it before…so yes, :confused: i’m a beginner and my questions are pretty basics.

So…my mic works all good but i cannot record my guitar ( once plugged in ).
I have a guitar plug in on my M-AUDIO interface and i can see the sound is going true in the mixer of the interface
but nothing happen when i try to play or record with Cubase…I’m sure its simple to solve… please help !


Have you read through the relevant sections in the manual? Start with “Setting up your hardware”, “VST connections” and “Recording” for starters.


Done ! Again and again… its weird, must be a problem

Trust me, i spend hours verifying every details and i made sure that the input is selected by the system and it seems all right but nothing happen. Anyways ,if the interface is working well ( the mic recording works perfectly ) and i can see result on the volume of the interface mixer like it receive the signal from the guitar input perfectly when i play… Cubase is suppose to automatically read it…is’nt so ?

thanx again

No. You have to tell Cubase which signal ( and therefore -input) to use and record onto which track.
If it wasn´t like that, how could you distinguish which signal should be recorded onto which track. when using several signals at once…? Looks like you haven´t set up everything correctly. Like Jaslan said read the chapters of the manual.

Devices menu / VST Connections / Inputs ???
Foxed me first time.

think i got it…