Problem recording with expression maps

How skall I avoid the key switches to be seen as sub bass notes in the staff when recording in Dorico?
Skärmavbild 2022-02-09 kl. 11.11.51

Welcome to the forum, @fransmossberg. Are you inputting music using real-time recording? If so, at the moment Dorico isn’t clever enough to know what you are playing a keyswitch defined in the expression map and that it should interpret that as some kind of playing technique that should appear in the score, rather than as a note to be played by the player.

Thank you Daniel! Such a pity. It would surely be a handy (and enjoyable) function to have. To my mind I imagine it wouldn´t be too hard to construct. If you could get Dorico to register but not display or sound the played midi data in a given range (the sub low one). It would be a beautiful function to have if it was possible. Otherwise I am more than happy with Dorico 4!