Problem reinstalling Nuendo 8.1


I had to completely reinstall my computer for different reasons, WIN 10. I downloaded Nuendo through the Steinberg Website (My Products), everything went fine, Nuendo installing etc… But now, while starting Nuendo, there is written there on the little Nuendo 8 window: Version 8.0.10 (64 bit) - Built on Jun 9 2017. I though, ok, I’ll download the update to 8.1. But it doesn’t install, it says to me that 8.1 is already installed. BUT I have this crazy feeling that I got an 8.0.10 Version, because it has a few bugs my old 8.1 didn’t had and really behave like a 8.0.10… Redownloaded and reinstalled everything. Still the same. So my question: am I crazy or is my computer making troubles? When you start Nuendo, there is written Version 8.1, I’m right?

Ok, i solved the problem: I installed the 8.0.10 that I downloaded from Steinberg. By installing I let the installer check for updates and install them with. I don’t know why, but it went wrong every time. Nuendo told me it was 8.0.10, Windows told me it was 8.1. I uninstalled any single peace of steinberg software I own, reinstalled Nuendo 8.0.10 without searching for update function, then installed the 8.1 update and then everything went good. I now got the 8.1 version working :slight_smile: but still, thats a bug in the installer…