[PROBLEM] Roomworks SE can't save presets [SOLVED]

Problem : I can not save/create presets on roomworks SE.


Open empty project
add an audio file
insert roomworks SE
Save Preset
Write your preset name
Press Ok.

here is the HD video of issue.

Preset windows simpy staying there without saving presets.

my system : win 7 32 bit cubase 6 32 bit.

I have added a video about problem.

Works here.
(xp 32bit)

Well sound nice but it seems like we have different OS.
Thanks for answer.


no problems here.

What happens when you trash the Cubase preferences ?




I solved the problem. Deleting all settings is not helping. I simply delete the Roomworks SE presets folder.

  1. Close cubase if it’s running
  2. Check the path: DISK:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies
  3. Delete Roomworks SE Folder…
  4. Start Cubase
  5. Done.