Problem running Nuendo 5.5, error code: "0XC150002"


I am having some problems running nuendo version 5.5. I have sucessfully completed all the steps in the installation guide, but upon running, Nuendo 5.5 gives out an error “Can not initialize properly (0XC0150002)”. Nuendo 5.0 still works properly.

Strangely, I have recieved 2 activation codes for nuendo 5.5. Only one of them works.

My operating system is windows XP home edition 32 bit and SP3 has been installed.

.Netframe V.4 has been installed as well and Nuendo 5.5 activated with the working activation code via eLicenser v.

have you definitely installed the latest elicenser software?

Yes. eLicenser v.

Did you google the error message and tried some of the suggested solutions?

It does not seem to be a Nuendo specific message.

Hi PwrChordAccent,

I have also received your email and will reply to it as well, but thought I’d post it here too.

Since you’re on Windows XP SP3 please install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
Afterwards Nuendo 5.5 should start up.


Thanks. Now it works like charm.