Problem Saving created HAlion 6 Instrument

Hi, I’m having a big issue trying to get the instrument I’ve created in Halion 6 to show up in Halion Sonic 3 or SE

Here’s my tree. The macro seems to be attached to the instrument?

I’m saving it like so…

But nothing shows up in HAlion Sonic 3 or SE when I search for it. It saves and plays in HAlion6 just fine, just doesn’t show up in Sonic.

Am I doing something wrong? (Clearly I am , it’s a rhetorical question really :laughing: )

Any help would be much appreciated. I’m tearing my hair out here

Hi Steve,

Switch the preset selector in HSSE mediabay to display layer presets. Then it should show up as user preset. If it still doesn’t work then locate the preset file in Windows file browser and drag it to an empty slot in HSSE.

Once you’ve found it save it as a program (HSSE program). Most of the time you would be browsing program presets. That’s what the media bay defaults to and that’s probably the reason you can’t find the preset.

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

I owe you a beer!