Problem saving files

Hi friends:
When I want to save a score, I click save and I get this on my options (W10 explorer of my PC).
BUT there are drives missing completely,(ie. not showing) where I need to save my scores.
See pic “dor”

The second pic. “PC” shows how my actual PC (W10) Explorer actually is. None of those drives are “hidden”, and I can save into them from any other App/software, except Dorico and Cubase.

Please help, and thanks in advance

I’ve just tried this on my own machine - I have some network drives mapped and Dorico shows them in the Save dialog. So I think it must be either some setting you have on your machine or some add-in such as the Norton Backup Drive that is preventing them from being displayed. Can you type ‘Y:’ into the path to switch to that network drive?

Thanks for the reply Paul
I did have a home server installed in my machine, (fed up with the endless synch problems of one drive for business.)
What worries me is that all my programs work just fine, they can all read my W Explorer properly when saving or opening files, EXCEPT Steinberg´s Dorico and CUBASE. Wonder if reinstalling both from scratch could help.
Tks in advance.