Problem saving templates

Is it just me, or is anyone else finding it impossible to save new templates in Cubase 6.5 64bit?

Hi, no problem for me. Maybe you need to explain exactly when it fails. Or does it appear to save but then not there? Are you trying to save to a new unique name like “My Basic Setup”?

I have a thread where I state that I save groove templates, and they disappear on future start ups of Cubase

Steinberg asked if I run the program as administrator? So I have done the following

Go to your desktop icon of Cubase, right click, go to properties, click the advanced button, then make sure ‘run as adminsitrator’ is checked in the properties. dont forget to click ‘apply’

Alternatively you can right click on the icon and ‘run as administrator’ every time you open Cubase, but for me this is the long way round.

In my case it has seemed to cure the problem I was having, but I am still in early stages as my losing of presets occured after a week or two of creating them.

But why not try this, as Cubase wont usually harm anything, so running as administrator is safe, and the issue of saving templates could well fall into the realm of lack of administrator permissions…

I thought you might be onto something with the Administrator idea, but sadly this doesn’t overcome the problem.

To explain a little more clearly what happens:
In cubase 6.5.1 64-Bit:
Start a new project based on any template. Make some changes (or don’t make any changes, it makes no difference) to the template and choose Save as Template… from the File menu. The dialogue opens as expected, but does not contain any of the user templates (which do appear in the New Project dialogue). If you name the new template and click Save, the dialogue flashes, but does not close and the new template is not saved.
This does not happen in the 32 Bit version, which of course provides a workaround, since I can create templates there, save them, then copy across to the relevant 64 Bit folder, in which case they now appear in the New Project dialogue. Bit of a pain, though.

I’ll try to replicate,

I have never experienced, perhaps because I only have one template that I have created, so every time I re save I am merely ‘overwriting’ my template after tweaking it further

I’ll try to create a few templates see how my system handles this.

Thanks for that. I can’t even overwrite an existing template, as you seem to be able to do.

Can anyone else reproduce this problem, or are you all able to Save as Template… as expected?

Mine works fine

time to get Steinberg support involved,

This is either very simple to fix, or needs looking at in depth.

However I looked at your post that describes the problem, and you are ok in 32 bit? so something in your 64bit must be corrupt

Saving templates works fine here, too. Just updated one the other day.

You must be right, since others are not having this problem. Maybe I’ll try trashing my preferences. It’s not a big issue, since I have a workaround, but I’m curious to understand it.

I have the same exact problem on Cubase 64-Bit running under Windows 7. I used to be able to save templates fine but now none of my presets show up and I can’t save a template. Has anyone found a resolution to the problem?

Well, I’ve manaeged to solve my problem by trashing my preferences. Of course, you then have to do a fair bit of resetting to get your preferences back as you like, but it didn’t take too long and I can now save templates again. I would give that a go, but do remember to back up your preferences folder first. In my case, it seems that I only really needed to replace the “Defaults” file, so backing everything else up makes life a lot easier.

Thanks to everyone for their help.