Problem selecting instrument track

Hey guys, a weird behaviour in the latest V12 Cubase Pro (Windows 10 latest patches etc). I’ve seen this happen a few times in previous versions of Cubase, but now more often on v12 (normally after opening other projects and activating them), restarting Cubase usually resolves it, just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue?
You can see a short video here , basically the track labelled “PLUCK 2” is skipped even if I click on it and select it (I tried this from the mixer view too, same outcome), always goes to the next one! All those tracks labelled PLUCK 1/2/3 are running the latest Reveal Sound Spire with just a compressor on it and are identical in settings, going to the same group channel, nothing different. It may be that later on, it’ll do it to the track “PLUCK 1”, very random!
It has done this with other VST’s too, like Kontakt, Synthmaster, Dune 3 etc.
Using a basic MIDI keyboard (Nektar GX61), no parts are selected. One workaround (other than restarting) is if I manage to open the automation lanes for the affected instrument track and can click on any of the automated lanes, it sticks and I can play that particular instrument, but not if I click on the main track.
Any ideas?

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What kind of Remote Device do you use, please? Isn’t there any MIDI loopback involved? Even the white line of the Remote Device Channel Bank moves down.

thanks, no remote device configured nor is there any MIDI loopback. Its literally a simple MIDI keyboard plugged in via USB, I was changing tracks using my mouse by clicking, but using the arrows on my computer keyboard has the same effect.


Could you please attach a screenshot from the Studio > Studio Setup window?

I’ve also experienced this. I’m using a single MIDI controller (Nektar LX61+), with no other remote/sync settings. When I attempt to select a track, it simply skips back to the previously selected one. Both keyboard input and mouse control have the same result. A restart sometimes fixes it, but not always. I’ve had this on Cubase 10 and 11, and have just experienced it on 12 for the first time.

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Here it is, and the same project loaded just now, no issues selecting any of the tracks. The issue is clearly intermittent and may start at any point.


Once you can reproduce it, what happens, if you set the Remote Device > Nektar Impact > MIDI Input as Not Connected?

Are you sure, you are using Nektar as the Legacy Remote Device only? No MIDI Remote script?

thanks, I did that, same issue, now happening to track called “SYNTH 3”.
See video below:

Only works if I click on Lane 1 or Lane 2 of that Synth, very random to what track is does it too and when it does it. It may be that in 10 minutes, it’s fine, then it happens again, but usually a restart of the project resolves the issue, if only for a short while.


Could you use some 3rd party MIDI Monitor app to catch if any MIDI Device sends data to switch something?

Hi there, did you manage to find a solution?

I’m afraid not, still an issue!
There is no MIDI data being transmitted, it’s completely random.
Recently, I had it happen on Cubase 13, one track affected, then I added a new instrument track, it started affecting the newest track instead.


Is anyone else having this issue?
It’s intermittent, has happened with previous versions of Cubase, then on a new PC build too.
I can’t be the only one with this problem!

Yes. Happens constantly. Super annoying and i haven’t found a way to do anything about it.

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I’m also experiencing this issue (Cubase 12 Pro). I’ve tried disabling all MIDI ins and outs and it’s still happening. It’s intermittent and only seems to affect MIDI channels.

Update: In my case, it appears to happen on the fourth track; if I rearrange the tracks, whatever channel is in fourth position becomes unselectable (MIDI or audio).

Update 2: Adding a dummy track in 4th position worked for a while, but then adding additional tracks causes all sorts of glitchy weirdness and prevents me from selecting numerous channels until I restart Cubase.

Very odd behaviour.


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