problem selecting only notes in one chord on one stave

Hello, if a note in a chord is selected, and then with shift and the arrow up or down, I try to select the other notes of the chord, the notes which are on the stave above or below are always selected too, which is really not practical at all. Am I making a mistake? Thank you (I am attaching a short gif to better explain the problem)

There’s no good way of doing this with keyboard shortcuts, though depending on the circumstances you can sometimes get away with Shift-Up, Shift-Down, Shift-Left or Shift-Right. It’s often easier to reach for the mouse (no, I’m not a fan either) and click the stem.

Thanks for your quick reply, I regret it would be pratical

Hitting will select all the notes in the chord.

Wow - you’re absolutely correct! When did that get implemented?

I don’t know, someone posted this trick a while back. He discovered it by chance.

Oh, thanks !!! this was what i needed

I think what is happening is that when they added that cycles between notes, slurs, etc., when it comes back around to the notes, the whole chord is selected.