Problem setting up Talkback.

Hi, I’m using Cubase 8.5 and VST Connect Pro.
I’m have trouble setting up the Talkback.
I can talk to the performer if I activate the monitor button on the track but I can’t seem to make it work with the track monitor button deactivated. It causes a slap back effect when it is activated and I know that it’s not the right way to do it.
Can anybody help me please, because I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.
Many thanks,

The Performer Track Monitor button should not be engaged at all. You can hear the Performer at any time thru the VST Connect Monitor plugin in the Control Room Main Output (set up automagically when you “Create VST Connect”).

I’m confused, as the track monitor button has absolutely nothing to do what the Performer hears, only with what you hear (and you get a delay when you engage it on a Performer track so that’s why you shouldn’t).
Your Talkback mic signal is entering the Control Room and from there goes to the Performer via the VST Connect Cue. So when you talk in the Studio, you should see the “CUE” meters on top of the VST Connect plugin interface move. If they don’t, Performer can not hear you. Then either Talkback is disabled or you haven’t assigned the mic (menu Devices/VST Connections/Studio/Talkback). Also note that TB is usually automatically disabled during playback/record so not to confuse the Performer (delay).
If it all fails pls. try to describe exactly what you do and what you expect. Also an “Empty” project and then “Create VST Connect” should always work.

One more thing…sometimes the Studio “Dim” level is set rediculously low which can make you think there is nothing. There is a “Dim” level next to said “CUE” meters in the VST Connect plugin, make sure it’s not too low.

Hi thank you for replying,
I’m using VST connect pro with UAD apollo and have set the Talkback mic to mic line 2. It works but only when I activate the monitor button on the performer track. I am using the mix setting on the control room and not a cue mix setting. Could that be the problem? I have tried the dim setting and I will go back and see if it resolves the Talkback.
Also should I be able to hear the performer during recording? I cannot hear the performer at all during recording.
I have activated the ‘create vst connect’ in the hub menu. All seems to be properly created, I can record in sync and it all works very well.
Could I also ask you about the download of hd files, do they replace the files within the Cubase project or do I have to import them?
Sorry not to reply sooner but I didn’t receive the reply notification.
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You should try with the cue mix. “Mix” should work as well though.

You should hear the Performer at any time thru the VST Connect Monitor plugin residing after the Studio Monitor output. Pls. make sure this Monitor output is what you actually hear. To repeat: in the Devices menu/VST Connections (not to be confused with VST Connect), you should set your main Output ports (“Outputs” tab) to “no connection” and in the Studio tab, there should be your Monitor output which should be assigned your actual monitor (output) hardware ports, probably out 1+2 of your Apollo.
Then, you should always hear the Performer because the incoming signal from the Performer is routed directly to the VST Connect Monitor plugin which resides after the Control Room (Studio) Monitor output.
Then once more I am confused as you say again Talkback “works but only when I activate the monitor button on the performer track.” When talking about “Talkback” we are talking about the Performer hearing you (not vice versa), right? Then it makes no sense as the track Monitor button (which you shouldn’t use at all on Performer tracks) has nothing to do with what the Performer hears.
Once more the signal flow:

  • Studio Cue Mix (incl. click, Talkback etc as set up in Control Room mixer) -> Performer
  • Performer -> Studio VST Connect Monitor plug and also Performer Track input for recording.

Yes, that is how it works. It automatically replaces recorded stereo mix but also creates new tracks for single channels when they were record enabled individually, including all edits, drop ins etc.

It happens to me all the time too…every now and then I unsubscribe and immediately “re-” subscribe again.

Hi, thank you for helping me.
The performer can hear me but I can only hear the performer when I activate the monitor button on the performer track?
In the monitoring section of vst connect pro the master channel defaults to ‘stereo 1+2’.
In vst connections the main apollo outputs are set to the default ‘mon L and mon R’. Could this be the problem?
I will try today to see if apollo can be set to ‘stereo 1+2’ for the main outputs.

Apart from the that vst connect pro works very well, we managed a proper recording session the other evening and the hd files transferred reasonably quickly and sound very good!

Thanks again,

Ok, so your Talkback works fine.

Pls let me reiterate and follow this exact procedure:
Menu Devices/VST Connections has several Tabs.

  • in the Output Tab, you see how the Master Output Channel is connected (probably labeled “Stereo Out”). This is the channel that you see at the right of the Cubase/Nuendo mixer console. Set both output ports to “Not connected”. Why? Because as we are using the Control Room (mandatory for VST Connect now), we dont want to hear this channel directly but instead route it to the Control Room Mixer so we can do all sorts of things with it (like sending the mix directly to the Performer).
  • in the Studio Tab, connect Monitor1 ports to whatever your hardware ports are where you listen. You said it should be “mon L and mon R”, use these. Now even though your Output Channel is “Not Connected”, you should hear playback, click etc (regardless of VST Connect) through the Monitor Channel in the Control Room, right?
    Then everything should be fine and you will finally hear the Performer through the VST Connect Monitor plugin, which resides after the Control Room Monitor channel. If your Studio Monitor1 connections were not set but the Output connections were, it is exactly why you can’t hear the Performer. I tried to explain that before :slight_smile:
    It is really a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Control Room. I don’t like reading manuals too, but sometimes it can be a revelation. The Control Room is designed for this particular kind of action, recording someone else but yourself, and it has been used this way for many decades. You can control click or even external input (like a CD player) individually for the Talent (next door, or remote), assign a keyboard shortcut to the Talkback function etc so remote recording works exactly like in professional studios where the artist is next door, including punch in/out, dedicated cuemix, individual click and talkback control and much more.

Thanks, great that it works out for you.

Musicullm, you seriously need to do some movie tutorials on this and put on Youtube, it would make your life soooo much easier!

btw,. I’m actually starting to get this now, I had a successfull session the other day, it only took 3 years :slight_smile:
but seriously, I am very happy about how vst connect works now!

I agree…but we’re just developers :slight_smile:
At least, we provide this now:

Thanks, great that it works out for you now!

Great! the should be clearly visible on the forum, and be linked to in the manual…
when did you do this by the way? it’s great, what we all have needed all this time - a movie turorial is still more accessible though…

about it could use some info about the following things: input and outputs on the performer side + how the include plugin sound on/off works together with record enable to get one track which is clean and one with fx. also I could not hear anything from the channels the HD files were imported to, what am doing wrong

I think Guitaruby123 is using the track monitor ON the talkback channel so that he hears himself, and then using the MIX instead of Cue as the monitor for the performer, this would cause the situation he is describing, wouldn’t it?

It’s comparably new, should have been there earlier. Just collected some of the discussion results here, still “Create VST Connect” should work in very most cases “out of the box”.

Good points, will add that.

That one I don’t understand. Are there waveforms visible? If so, all regular Cubase/Nuendo rules apply playing back audio, right?

Could be…just stick to the plan :slight_smile:

Added Performer Monitor and Performer Recording sections.