Problem Sidechain Plugin

Hi there,

I have Cubase Elements, and the Waves Audio Plugin collection, I want to Sidechain with the RCompressor Stereo but I can’t find the Sidechain button on the top of the plugin … (the one for activate the SC)
The plug is in VST3 and I have one Sidechain entry so I dont understand …

ps : I’m talking about this button :

Cubase Elements does not include sidechaining.

I have to upgrade to which version ?


or you could use a comp designed to use left and right channels of a stereo group (so you route the trigger to one side and the audio to be compressed to the other) here is one example

This also happens ion cubase pro. Since version 8 the sidechain button has vanished. I would love an answer. It is there on some like C6 compressor but not on C1

I don’t have the C1 so can’t comment on that but the RCompressor certainly has the side-chain button in Cubase Pro 9.5.20 so your issue isn’t the same as the one the OP is seeing which is down to an Elements limitation.

I can confirm that there is something with C1-sc ( on OSX as well. My other waves seems to be ok, H-Comp, V-Comp and C6 and SSL. Im quite sure that I have used C1 with sc before, however I dont know if I have updated waves after that or not.

I have now tested the C1-sc on cubase 8.5 and 7.5. And I can conclude that It does not work there either. However I dont run my cubase 7.5 in 32 bits mode. My guess is that waves have fucked this up with their 64 bits version of the plugin.

It does not work with version either.

My understanding is that Waves use sc to signify their internal sc. Non sc version is the one that should have the VST3 sc option.

That seems to be correct. However it is very confusing in the manual and the versions with side-chain monitoring does not have side-chain other internal sidechain, they should rename the sidechain to internal-side-chain.

Renaming the plug could break compatibility so that isn’t going to happen.