Problem slowing down tempo

I would like to arrange my song at a slower tempo then the original. Though the kick and bass sounds weird when i slow down the tempo. I believe the problem is that i’ve made a copy from a kick and bass from another song. When i dubble click the kick and basswave the entire song shows up in the sampler. Anyone who can give me suggestion to what i should do?


My expectation is, you are talking about a project withe the Audio Events.

I expect all the tracks are in the Musical Time base. And all the Audio Events are in the Musical Mode. Then you showed the tempo down. Am I right? How much did you slow the tempo down, please?

Disable the Musical Mode for all Kicks, please. It will not be stretched in the time. Does is sounds better?

Thank you once again Martin. I figured out the solution, i had to set the audiofile to musical mode and set the bpm to the original tempo. Now it works great!