Problem Starting C9.0.20 (Win10)


I’m having trouble starting C9.
Everything goes smoothly until

  • C9 splash window shows: “Initializing: Steinberg UR28M Extension”

  • Windows Installer stuff pops up

  • Does not move on from Windows Installer “Preparing to install…” window

I tried Re-installing TOOLS for UR28M but the things to install are “grayed out” because it’s already been installed.

I do not know where to go from here.

Any help or ideas?


How long are you guys waiting for Tech Support?

I got the email about the delay but wow…
I got clients here waiting for stuff and they’re starting to think I’m lying to them, it’s been over a week now! >:[

This guy also has an installer trying to run when starting Cubase. Maybe related although he has some other issues with licenses too. (No solution there at this point)

My thinking would be to first uninstall UR tools completely and then you should be able to reinstall.
Also make sure elicenser is up to date and run maintenance (while running it as admin)

Thanks, Grim!

yea, I was thinking the same (uninstall and reinstall)but I’m waiting on what Tech Support will say in case something goes wrong while self-diagnosing it…

Actually, I too had License issues. I resolved by updating it and AFTER that, this started to happen.

hmm, how should I go about uninstalling TOOLS?


Uninstall is just like you would uninstall any programme.

windows uninstaller or CCleaner uninstaller doesn’t show it :frowning:(

Start menu uninstall option?
Repair option in the installer?
Uninstaller in the install folder?

I don’t use UR for many years so not sure exactly but I would expect it should be in add/remove programs.

yep, I checked all of those and they aren’t available to me (not there).
I checked with CCleaner and nothing there too.

You realise you’re not looking specifically for something called TOOLS right?

Actually, no, I didn’t know that.
Everywhere I looked the thing is addressed as “TOOLS for UR28M”, so that’s what I’ve been looking for ie: “Steinberg…TOOLS”, “Yamaha…TOOLS” or “UR28M…TOOLS”, etc.

What should I be looking for?

The installation document in the installer package should tell you.