Problem to activate Cubase Element 12


I have problem to activate Cubase Elements 12.
In the “Steiberg Download assistant” I see Cubase Elements 12 (and all the components are downloaded) and Cubase pro ( it was a trial version)
But Now I bought and downlaod all the components for Cubase element 12.

And if I Click on the “Activation manager” it’s writing that Cubase Element 12 is activated
and the pro version is over due to the trial but I’M only interested in the Element Version who is activated.
I got the “Download Acces Code” in my Email
Do I have to do something in the “Elicence controller”?"
whats the difference between “Activation code” and “Download access code” in the Steinberg “Download assistant.”
And when I run Cubase 12 program to finish it’s writing : “your session has expired” and go BUY.
But I bought already and get the code.

And for finish If I copy/ paste the Download acces Code that I received in Steinberg Download assitant and press OK its writing that I have the autorisation tu use Cubase 12.
So why I can’t run it and say that the trial pro version is expired?

Someone can help me?
it’s a little bit complicacted
thank you

Regis from Belgium


Cubase Pro is other application than Cubase Elements. Uninstall Cubase Pro 12 and install Cubase Elements 12, please.

Hello it’s was little bit difficult but now it’s working.
Thank you :metal: